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Cabinets are always the last thing to go in and the first thing anyone notices. They are also the hardest to get pics of as we are usually moving out of a jobsite as we're putting them in, and good pics get forgot. Regardless, here are some of ours.

A vanity that was just installed

This is a really complicated set of KraftMaid cabinets that we installed this last summer

KraftMaid, another pic

Close up of the KraftMaids, note the cornice, sub cornice, and bottom molding. Complicated!

Another angle of the KraftMaids

Fun little library table restoration

This pic is featured elsewhere on the site to, but note the open cabinets, construction pics follow

Tall cabinets being built in our shop

Tall cabinets in the enlarged "spray booth"

This is part of the railing around the stairs in the ablove pics, 8/4 Alder and rebar, built by us

Pretty set of custom cabinets, built by Western Woods

Stock cabinets assembled creatively to make an office space

Ryan repurposed this old cabinet into a vanity for a customer

Pretty galley style kitchen that we did, granite countertops, Click Studios cabinets

Quarter sawn white oak baby gate, by us

Alder closet shelving, built by us

This is a kitchen where we left the old siding, lightly sanded and poly

Another view of the old siding that was kept in this kitchen

The cabinets in the previous kitchen

Better view of the previous kitchen

Galley kitchen being assembled, Ckick Studios

A vanity that we custom made in our shop

Full height cabinets geting installed

This is an example of how we modify a stock cabinet to fit a custom place. This end cabinet has been extensively modified to cover a chimney and still have room for a pantry

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