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Building outside the box!

Winter construction is challenging, especially when the house needs a new roof. Not just the shingles, but everything from the trusses up! Nature gave us a 2 day window for assembly on the ground, and another 2 days for install, so here is our attempt to completely build a roof in 4 good winter days. Check out a these pics of our solution in progress:

Day One begins, building the roof on the ground offsite.

Day One complete, framing mostly done.

Day Two begins, finish roof framing and sheeting. Roof is ready to ship at end of day two.

Day Three begins, remove old roof.

Day Three in progress, cutting off old roof.

Day Three, lifting a section of the old roof off.

Day Three, Old roof section off, ceiling left intact. Well except for the spot I fell through...

End of Day Three, old roof removed, tarped for hopefully it's only open night. Hope it doesn't snow or blow!

Day Four begins, take the new roof apart in the predesigned sections we'd built in and ship to the house. Thank you Joe and LTC Trucking for the help!

Day Four, first new roof section going on the trailer.

Day Four, a roof section being set in place. This is unit #3, the nested gables and girder truss assembly that covers the entry porch and supports the rest of the field trusses. Thanks Logan and Tree Doc for the crane work!

Day Four, setting of unit #3, the gable unit. We had a bit of a crowd all day, glad nothing went wrong!

Day Four, 5 of 7 roof units in place, #6 is rolling in up the street, getting dark!

Day Four finished in the dark, so I cheated and took this the next morning, but we got the roof set before it snowed overnight! What a difference!! Special thanks to Jack and Stephan for also lending a hand when we need a little more help.

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